Wells, awarded the Energy Winner Prize for Air Purifier and Water Purifier

(July 20, 2021) New air purifiers and water purifiers released this year by the leading health appliance brand, Wells, were awarded the energy winner prize.

The energy winner prize is hosted jointly by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Energy and the Consumer Korea (CK) and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Energy Agency. It is granted to products equipped with outstanding energy efficiency and energy-saving activities. The awards ceremony was not held this year due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

Wells Air Purifier Tornado,’ was awarded the grand energy prize. In the energy-saving field, ‘Wells Water Purifier Super-Cooling Plus,’ was awarded the prize.

Above all, ‘Wells Air Purifier Tornado’ released in February this year has achieved the first grade in purifying ability and energy efficiency with the optimal design for air purification through the application of the patented absorbing system and 17-degree inclined air blasting method. Hence, it was awarded the grand energy winner prize.

Wells Tornado Absorbing System’ is in a double-cone filter structure designed with the shape of a whirlwind, generating strong rotating air current, powerfully yet consistently absorbing contaminated air from dust near the floor to the upper area. Therefore, the  absorbing capability has been improved by more than 18% compared to other circular products made by Wells.
17-degree inclined air blasting method’ has realized air-purifying speed that was 30% faster than other products made by Wells.
In addition, the double-cone absorbing structure is in a structure to be assembled with top and bottom parts, making shipping and delivery convenient by minimizing the volume of the product with a flat shape without plastic structure, unlike other existing circular filters. Additionly, it helps protect the environment by minimizing the use of plastic, wrapping packages, and boxes.

Furthermore, ‘Wells Water Purifier Super-Cooling Plus,’ the energy-saving prize winner, is a direct cooling system using a dual pipe thermal-exchanging technology that decreases cold water generation time. Thus, it saves monthly power consumption by about 62% compared to other existing water tank-type water purifiers and ended up achieving the first grade in energy consumption efficiency.

It consists of a dual-pipe where water and refrigerant flow in the outer and inner sides, respectively. through the direct cooling system, differentiated cooling control has been realized by directly measuring and controlling water temperature in the outer pipe. In addition, the material of the entire dual pipe is stainless, and the welding process has been removed to stay free from a possibility of contamination due to corrosion and to simplify the manufacturing process.
With aforementioned technology, it provides 4-stage customized warm water providing function in consideration of the health of consumers through the feature named ‘body-temperature water’ with temperature similar to the human body for the first time in the industry as well as warm water optimized to ‘powdered milk, tea, and coffee’ in 3-stage cold water temperature control. In addition, it has enhanced sanitation and convenience by applying a triple-hygiene care system, moving cork, and hidden tray.
An associate from Wells said, “We have been well-recognized with innovative technology exclusively for air purifier and water purifier made by Wells with the award at this time.” He added, “We will continue researching various technologies and products to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment and elicit a high level of satisfaction from Wells customers.”