Wells Launches ‘Wells The One Home Cafe’ for Home Brewers


[Edaily Reporter Kang Kyung Rae] The home appliance brand, Wells, operated by Kyowon Group, announced on the 1st that they are launching ‘Wells The One Home Cafe’.

Wells explained that, “with the prolonged prevalence of COVID-19, the time spent at home has become longer and there has been an increase in the number of home brewers who want to enjoy coffee and tea at home. Wells The One Home Cafe allows the home brewers to conveniently choose from various flavors of tea and coffee in one device.”
This new release uses a dual extraction method with split channels and extraction corks, as well as separate drawers for tea/coffee. Tea and coffee are all included in one device, but the pure flavor of tea is actualized without any mixing. This can be used without having to obtain specific equipment, such as a coffee machine, tea maker, etc.

Also, with very simple controls, the tea can be extracted in 3 levels: mild, normal, and strong, while for coffee, the 3 levels are Lungo, Espresso, and Ristretto. The 19 bar high pressure extraction method used in coffee shops is utilized to provide abundant crema and deep flavor.

Wells The One Home Cafe uses a self-watering method while directly connecting to the water purifier or water filtering device, which has gotten rid of the inconvenience of filling up the water tank and reduced the possibility of germ contamination. The extraction channel can be manually washed, and the drawer that fixes the capsule after extraction of tea or coffee can be taken out and washed.
When using the rental option, a Wells manager will visit every 6 months to provide management service for the exterior and key parts of the Home Cafe. For a 3 year contract, the monthly rental fee for Wells The One Home Cafe is 11,900 KRW, or 16,900 KRW per month without the contract. There is also a regular subscription service that provides a monthly supply of 30 capsules.

An individual affiliated with Wells stated that, “Wells The One Home Cafe uses filtered water and allows the user to enjoy the tea or coffee of their preference in a sanitary environment. It will develop to become a product that meets the preferences of increasing multitudes of home brewers in terms of taste, hygiene, and convenience.”