Enjoy a Table Full of Fresh Vegetables in Just a Week with a Garden


‘Wells Farm’, Kyowon’s Rental Vegetable Cultivator

This is how it looks when you grow vegetables in Wells Farm. It took less than 20 minutes to bring a garden into my living room. The first thing I noticed was the overall ease of setup.
professional Wells Farm engineer brings the product themself and sets it up. The only thing the consumer requires is an open space that is 67cm wide and 50cm high.

● Add water when the alarm rings. It is as simple as that.
When setting it up, the engineer fills up the tank, then pours two kinds of nutrient solutions and puts in seedlings.
While doing his work, the engineer will share pertinent information with you and tell you that there is no need to worry when vegetables look withered for a day or two due to “aching roots.” Also, you should add water when the alarm rings and add some nutrient solution once per week. You will not become confused with the dates because the upper part of the product will mark the days that you have added the solution. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)— which function analogously to the sun—are automatically turned off with 12 hours of activation. If the light is too bright, then you can activate it when you are not at home. With little noise, it won’t become a disturbance to your family’s daily lives.

● Routine checks and new seedlings are placed by a professional engineer
The greatest feature of Wells Farm is that it uses seedlings that are already grown. Unlike plant cultivators from other companies that choose to germinate seeds, you can enjoy fresh vegetables in a week to 10 days with this product. You can have them ready on your dining table within a week of setup. Keep in mind that you should harvest the large leaves first so that the small ones can grow more.

The contractual period for the Wells Farm plant cultivator rental is one year, and the monthly fee is between 20,000 and 30,000 won. Considering market price, this is economical for households that consume many vegetables. You can select from 5 different packages with the vegetables and efficacy you prefer. The engineer who helps you set up the device will visit you twice per month to check your product and 
replace seedlings.