Enhance Your Kitchen’s Class with Kyowon’s ‘Wells the One Water Purifier’


[The Asia Business Daily, Reporter Kim Hee-yoon]
The Wells the One water purifier, which will 
enhance your kitchen’s class, is popular among couples who are furnishing their house for marriage.

The Wells the One water purifier is an aesthetic, practical kitchen appliance that is perfect for Newlyweds, owing to its small size and premium design.
This product is the first system-based water purifier that was introduced by Wells in 2019. It utilizes space efficiently by being divided into a faucet and 
a filtration part.

According to Wells, the faucet is about the size of a water bottle with a diameter of 8.8mm, allowing you to make better use of your kitchen space. Offered in three colors—white, dark brown, and red—it is perfect for your kitchen. Also, the filtration part is based on a digital cooling system and is 40% smaller than average size, reducing the space used inside.
Wells explains that with the reduced size, you can set it upright, lay it down, or even place it with frying pans and pots.

This frees up space and allows installation wherever you want in the kitchen, be that the island kitchen table, kitchen furniture, customized drawers, or elsewhere if perforated installation atop the sink not desired.

Hygiene and convenience are ensured,as it is equipped with a proper sterilization system, including a super bio oil passage pipe that frees you from replacements, an automatic sterilization function, and a 9-stage filtration system
The water purifier automatically sterilizes the water pipe every 3 days and drains all the remaining water when it is not in use for 24 hours. This is to inhibit the spread of bacteria. Regular visitations for service and filter replacement are provided when renting this product.