Wells launches 4 new air purifiers 'Tornado'

Wells launches 4 new air purifiers 'Tornado'
“Customized purification for the changing residential spaces”
Wells launches 4 new air purifiers 'Tornado'
- Tornado suction system, a 17-degree slope ventilation system introduced… Patent pending double cone suction structure, fast purification speed with optimum discharge angle

- Lifestyle-specific functions and sizes… Selections based on spatial area and lifestyle

(2021.2.1)  Wells, a comprehensive health and home appliance brand, will unveil the Wells air purifier “Tornado” through an online launching show hosted on their official YouTube channel at 14:00 today.
This new product features a Wells Tornado suction system and a 17-degree slope ventilation method that purifies pollutants in the air more quickly.
First, the 'Wells Tornado Suction System' is a method of suctioning air by creating a powerful rotating airflow with a double cone filter structure, derived from the shape of a tornado.

The existing cylindrical air purifiers generally apply a suction method that uses a motor at the top of the device, which leads to a difference in the airflow intake speed and amount between the area near the motor and far from the motor. The patent-pending double cone filter structure of Wells minimizes the difference in the airflow intake speed in the upper and lower area of the air purifier so that even dust near the floor is powerfully sucked in. Wells confirmed through its own experiment that the suction performance improved by about 18% or more when using the double cone structure.

Wells' ‘inclined airflow method’ applies a 17-degree discharge angle for optimal air circulation in consideration of the ceiling height and area of the residential environment. It creates the most efficient and powerful convection current and achieves a purification speed that is about 30% faster than the existing upward discharge method.

Customized selection according to the spatial area of the residence or lifestyle is also possible. Wells air purifier 'Tornado' has a lineup for 4 types of clean area based on CA certification, which are 79.3, 86.7, 107.8, and 111.7, and rental according to the space that is used is available.

The 7 types of filters that are provided with the product such as ▲Sick House Syndrome ▲Atopy Causative Substance ▲Ultra-fine Dust ▲Pet Odor can be installed according to the user's living environment. In addition, the volume is reduced by up to 71% compared to other air purifiers for the same spatial area, so it can be placed anywhere indoors without difficulty.

All four of these new products have grade 1 energy efficiency, so the cost of electricity is low even when used for 24-hours. Rental cost ranges from 35,900 won to 44,900 won per month depending on the area for purification and contract period.

An official of Wells emphasized, "Due to the changing residential environment, the medium and large air purifiers for 20-pyeong(66.1157 square meter) or more are popular. The purification area and speed are emerging as important selection factors for air purifiers. This new product is the most efficient purifier customized to various lifestyles."

[Image Description] Wells Tornado Suction System - Double Cone Structure Suction Discharge Reference Image